Sometimes as Business Owner we have to handle many things, but don’t have a much time and experienced team in their job field. Especially the promotion, preparing design , advertising , PR, social media management, online activation , etc

That’s why we provide a “Special Team”. A Team that can assist you to complete that jobs . So, YOU can FOCUS On your main job.

Our team are a group of a professional in their individual job. We help company in order to running and expand brand specially in Digital or online.

mmmm…WHY DIGITAL? . Because If your Business is not here, It’s not going anywhere, Digital is the FUTURE….

What We Do?


Digital publications draw together your key content
(text, images, charts, infographics, video) and deliver them efficiently to your multiple audience in the most effective way, at well below the cost of traditional print.

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With the acceleration of mobile as the second internet revolution, web & mobile are now one. We put your web presence firmly into the hands of your target audiences whether they are the general public, sector specialists, decision makers or buyers of your products. From B2B to B2C.

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Traditional event management sought to focus the attention on a physical happening. But the new technologies magnify the conversations around your brand because of their
global reach and their ability to engage attendees, whether physically or digitally present at an event. Digital Event Management is designed to help you
get such results.

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If you have a digital challenge that you can’t solve just contact us and we’ll provide our best intelligence and deep market knowledge to help you find a solution.

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Some of our work

From branding through to eMarketing and from web design through to mobile app development we have it covered at Creative Digital Agency. This is a snap shot of some of our work.

Do you have a different digital design challenge? Contact us and tell us more.

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If you have any questions about Janitra Media services just get in touch by calling us or drop us a message on our contact form. We’re easy to reach and will respond quickly to requests.

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